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About me

It’s virtually impossible to summarize ones life in a few paragraphs, so let's try to avoid that. Here are few terms that define me in the present and let's take it from there: 


I am a hiker and I am living a sober lifestyle, I have a calm personality and a curious mind, and I love new challenges.

In general you could say that I am on a journey towards a healthy lifestyle. This was kickstarted several years ago whilst dealing with health issues. When the body does not want to cooperate it is time to focus on what you can do, despite the problems we sometimes get to face. This attitude of trying to find feasible things to do right now, whilst still struggling with what life throws at you, is at the core of my approach to coaching.

It is my conviction that the mental and the physical sides of life are very much linked. A healthy mind likes to live in a healthy body. Even when at times life seems a little bit overwhelming, I am convinced that we can find ways to improve things straight away.


If you are experiencing any form of anxiety and are dealing with inner pain, we will immediately endeavour to find ways and offer tools that help right now. For you. In your specific situation. That small breath of fresh air can give the encouragement to then start working to get to the core of what is causing that pain. 

Together, we will have a thorough look at your life and try to figure out ways to improve it. Stop worrying all by yourself and let's tackle these recurring problems together. It's time to stop the pain and start living a full life.

Theo Hordijk Coaching in the Algarve
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