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"Share your worries,
and we'll tackle them together"

My coaching philosophy is that I truly believe that facing problems together can be rewarding, no matter the outcome.

Even when surrounded by people we tend to try and solve our problems alone.

We don't even realize that it is an option to share these worries, for they are ours and ours alone. 

Let me help you as a coach with issues such as procrastination, fear of failure, lack of confidence, work-life balance and upcoming career changes.

Coaching with Theo Hordijk in the Algarve


Theo Hordijk

It’s virtually impossible to summarize ones life in a few paragraphs, so let's try to avoid that. Here are few terms that define me in the present and let's take it from there: 


I am a hiker and I am living a sober lifestyle, I have a calm personality and a curious mind, and I love new challenges.

Theo Hordijk Life Coach Algarve

Schedule an appointment

For a coaching appointment or any other information, please send me a message through the contact page or send me an email at:

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